So ist das bei uns …

Really efficient team
I came there with my dad to help him with his bad posture and his neck pain. He’s seen during the last two years few of the best Ostheo, kine, neurosurgeons, doctors etc and nobody has been able to help him, for them it was putting a screw in his neck or doing nothing. He could barely sleep, his health was deteriorating really quickly, and when we headed back from there to France, he told me he would have ended his life if the pain continued. After two weeks there, his pain has diminished for about 90%, he doesn’t need cortisone anymore, has a better sleep, better posture and feel really happy
Those dudes rock really hard, they’re no jokes

Jeremy Perreau, 21.11.2017

Bestes Know-how. Koerperbau hilft da weiter, wo andere nicht mehr weiter wissen.

Arne Zuzmann, 26.7.2019

Stabile Typen !!! sehr sehr gut !

Poldi Kolowrat, 3.6.2015